1. "The moment I saw Chrisí work I knew he was the man for the job."
  2. "He has an amazing talent and a vision that shows through all his photos"
  3. "Iíve used Chris Weber Studios for numerous events and have been extremely impressed every time."
  4. Rod Heiston
  5. "We have used his work in our social media and print campaigns."
  6. "We have found that his ability to capture the spirit of these dogs and cats greatly helps potential adopters to more clearly see their sweet personalities."
  8. "Chris introduced my daughter to the modeling world less than two years ago"
  9. "He taught her how to be comfortable in front of the camera and to just be herself."
  10. "Today, his beautiful photography is still among the first chosen as favorites by the agencies she meets with."
    Laura Angelica Valdes Borsum - Model Anhelka Valdes featured in the current issue of Premiere Bride
  11. "As the owner of a canine print magazine
    the photography contained within my publication must be of the utmost quality."
  12. "Chrisí photography is not only stunning, it is very special"
  13. "He can take a sad little dog that had previously been abused, and is scared to death; and midway through the dog is running and jumping and having the best of times as captured in the end result"
  14. "Chris is a true professional, highly experienced, and a real pleasure to work with"
  15. Pamela Wahl, Owner | The Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC Dog Magazine.
  16. "Chris has captured some very special moments..."
  17. "...between me and my horses"
  18. "Moments that I will cherish forever"
  19. World Champion Barrel Racer & Whipper-In Jilian Kimball.
  20. "Chris Weber's photography captures the incredible beauty of these wild species"
  21. "He's patient and moves quietly which helps these wild animals relax while he's photographing them"
  22. Doctor Belinda Burwell DVM, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Wildlife Vet Care
  23. "Chris Weber was the first photographer my daughter Erin worked with."
  24. "He did great work and was patient as well as encouraging"
  25. Beth Harth (Erin Harth "Rosie the Riviter" Model, National Archives, Washington DC)
  26. "Chris Weber has photographed several of my events for Hogback Mountain Pony Rides."
  27. "Many of his photos can be seen on my social media sites and have no doubt grabbed potential clients' attention"
  28. "Chris will get you the perfect shot you are looking for!"
  29. Elizabeth Lipovsky, Proprieter Hogback Mountain Pony Rides, LLC


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