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Meet the Photographer

I started in photography in 1977 when I bought a used "Nikkomat" from our Postman who sidelined as a wedding photographer. I went with him as his apprentice to weddings and events and helped with set up, etc and learned about shooting, perspectives, angles, even setting up my own dark room in my bedroom and developing my own 8 1/2 by 11 B&W 35mm Prints.



But I actually started before that, back before I even had my first camera.

At 16 I studied painting in Arcylics under a famous artist named James Michael Triggs, who like his father before him painted magazine covers for such famous magazines as Gun Digest, Flying, etc. Already being a skilled sketch artist (for a 16 year old) I picked up painting quickly, learning about lighting, shadows, color, perspective, etc. This no doubt translated into my photography and comes out in the art I express through the lens of my camera.


In addition to painting and visual arts I fancied myself somewhat the poet at a young age, being quick with ryhme and moderate prose, although the end result usually turned out more Nipsey Russell and less Robert Frost. But this was not necessarily lost on me as most young men back then when asked wanted to be things like fireman, astronauts and police men. But not me. When asked I'd answer that I wanted to be "Darren Stevens" (from Bewitched). Why? Because he got to drive around in a cool sports car, was married to a beautiful wife (who could do magic) and got to come and go from the office at all hours of the day as he wanted, as long as he did one thing and one thing only. Came up with some cheesy one liner to sell a can of soup. I mean, what could be better, right? Of course "Sam" would always help but over the years this skill I began playing at in the 60's when I'd always try to think up a saying for whatever product I fancied has now become a polished skill. A tool I can draw like a gun.

I've coupled this talent with my photography and can produce slogans, buzz word campaigns, and even inspirational content based on the customers targeted goals and requirements.


I began studying Korean Karate in 1977 at the Jhoon Rhee Schools of Tae Kwon Do in Hyattsville Md studying under Jeff Smith and Steve McGill. After 4 years and rising to the level of First Brown I went on to try my hand at other styles including Hung Gar Kung Fu and Aikido as well as Boxing at the YMCA. I went on to become a highly experienced Rock Climber, becoming not only a skilled technical climber but also a paid instructor and guide for "S.P.L.O.R.E". Additionally I lifted weights and did other forms of cross training. Today at 55 I am in excellent physical condition. Being skilled in heights, safety, ropes, knots and rigging I can photograph were other less physically adept photographers may not be able to venture. I can also become part of the photograph, serving as an additional model or actor in the scene, or helping to rig or choreograph a scene such as a boxing or martial arts scene.


Now my photography has evolved to the state of the art that it is today. I don't utilize gimmicks or tricks, props and I don't shoot on a tripod (unless I'm shooting myself). I shoot freehand and am very intense and physical following my subjects real time constantly adjusting and tracking not just the movement but the way that movement is framed in the lens. This gives me an easy natural flow for any type of live action shooting of everything from live action sports to fashion photography. I specialize in modeling headshots and portfolio work as well as family onsite family portratis in natural settings and live action settings as well as animal photography and custom settings, speciality work, etc. Whatever your specific needs you'll find me reasonable, easy to work with, and adaptable to almost any environment.

Time Period Quality Still Photograpny for Civil War & WWII Reenactments & other Period specific Specialty Photography

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