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Private Portrait Shoot for Individuals and or Pets - 1 Hour Shoot 1 Person $500.00

Private Family Shoot - Family of 4 - Group Photos only 1 Hour - $500.00 Add $200.00 for each additional hour

Private Family Shoot 1 and a Half Hours - Family of 4 - Group Photos plus indviduals of Children $600.00 (add $100.00 for each additional child over 2) Add $200.00 for each additional hour

Events including birthday parties, dinners, sporting events) 2 Hours Candids $500.00 - Add $200.00 for each additional hour

Horse Photoshoots Horses Only - $400.00 You and Your Horse -$500.00

Commercial Ad Shoot - Outdoors, Natural Light - 1st Hour- $600.00 After first hour $300.00 per hour for each additional hour onsite

Commercial Ad Shoot - Indoors - with Studio lights - 1st Hour- $750.00 After first hour $300.00 per hour for each additional hour onsite

RETAINER - *Requires full payment in advance (Includes 1 photoshoot per week, editing, digitals, plus reshoot guarantee - shoot until satisfied up to 3 reshoots) 60 Days - $1200.00 90 Days $1500.00 120 Days $2000.00

Event Coverage For Sporting or Equestrian - (Cover you or family member) Half Day (4 Hours Max) $500 | Full Day (8 Hours Max) $1000

MODEL PORTFOLIOS - (15 to 25 shots environmental staged) $500.00

MODEL PORTFOLIOS - (Head Shots Only) $400.00

Wedding Photography - (3 Hours) $1500.00

Wedding Photography - (6 Hours) $2500.00

Wedding Photography over 6 Hours billed at 6 hour rate plus $300 Per each additional hour

Travel time over 30 minutes billed at a flat rate of $50.00 Per hour



Private Workshop - 5 Hours (average between 4 and 6 depending on location(s) - $ 750.00

Group Workshops (groups of 3 or more) 5 Hours - With Model - $550.00 Without Model $500.00

Terms & Conditions

* A 50 percent deposit is required in advance at time of scheduling for ALL photoshoots.

*Balance is due prior to any photographs being taken. Either prior to the shoot (checks must clear 72 hours prior to the shoot) or day of the shoot (CASH ONLY day of shoot)Retainers are paid in full.

* Customers are responsible for product placements, positioning and layout. If requested photographer will place and situate products, however photographer is not responsible for dissatisfaction over placement, environmental conditions, etc.

* Photographer will make judgment call as to lighting and appropriate times to shoot for all outdoor shoots. If Photographers advice is not heeded and the shoot is still requested against photographers advice, photographer is not responsible for dissatisfaction with the final outcome.

* Photographer will make every effort to work within the lighting available (for natural light sessions) at the time requested by the client but is not responsible for insufficient lighting.

*All photographs are copyright of the photographer and remain copyright protected. Photographer retains full rights to use photographs for promotional purposes.

*Easy unfettered access for Equestrian Horse Shoots is pivotal and results will depend on the ease of access to the horses as provided

* Deposits are non-refundable, however every effort will be made to reschedule should you (or conditions) require a reshoot.

* All payments are final, however if you are dissatisfied with your photos we always offer reshoots at no charge. Retainer clients get up to three reshoots per retainer period

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